Thursday, March 15, 2012

Scenarios for the way forward towards a normal way of life

The consequences of the Fuku radiation catastrophe for all life over all time and all space are not being taken seriously by the people.This is a crime leading to extinction, applying the precautionary principle. Nuclear fuel cycles are not the way to meet our electricity needs. This is because a full energy audit over all time of all materials and people used for the nuclear fuel cycle will reveal that from year to year society will just be using up all the nuclear electricity produced for the nuclear industry itself and more. This more will be forthcoming from coal fired plants and hydros specially built to meet the gargantuan needs of nuclear power(less) programmes. It requires infallible,honest people. But this is impossible. Redesign life so people can live where they work and work where they live. Man in his arrogance that he can be infallible in theory and therefore by induction in practice, similar(sic) to coal fired plant operators created unacceptable blunders- Sellafield, Nuclear Waste explosion in the Urals, perfect mass murders even during normal operation of nuclear fuel cycle,The Three Mile Island crimes, Chernobyl design defect and operation blunders resulting in ongoing enormous unacceptable radiation releases affecting countless generations and criminals getting away with all these, because of the unseen nature of radionuclides, and Fukushima crimes by the concerned nations, and building further such unacceptable monsters. This is complicated by the dams and other artefacts of human interference in nature which turn round and cumulatively destroy themselves and mother earth by inducing earthquakes and climate change. People must do their homework and trust(!) their fellow humble citizens by virture of their own scrutiny of the warnings of fellow human beings and raise a hue and cry. Such honest hard work of seeing truth or otherwise and putting pressure on the fascists alone will work,like bringing down the hypocrisy of the powerless nuke mirage.
In this connection it is worth discussing the following regarding the earthquake and climate change scenario of today: I commented on the 14 March Japanese 6.9 MM earthquake newsreport:

Re: The Hindu,

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Tokyo, March 14, 2012, Strong earthquake shakes Japan, triggers small tsunami
May I bring to the notice of people an important fact regarding the dynamics of man's intervention in nature for "progress" by dams to meet the demands of modern civilization, regardless of the consequences to life itself. My work shows that dams are causing surges of sudden stress build up at various points of the earth where man's structures stand like sitting ducks. It may or may not be earthquakes per se or hotspots created by friction in the earth induced by these surges. It is the sudden impulsive dynamics of transfer of the dams' applied forces from the place where an earthquake has just taken place to another point which may be the rock underneath the foundations of nuclear structures! It may be hospital here or a heritage building there or a railway track on which a train is speeding at 300 kilometers an hour or a dam itself! Please check my findings and if you find truth there, bring pressure on the rulers as well as all of you collectively or individually can! Do or die,now!

A glaring instance of Fukushima Daichi turbine of reactor 4 catching fire after a major earthquake in its vicinity shows the unacceptable extinction level conditons in which the earth finds itself due to the cumulative effects of modern civilization. See this video:
Fire in the turbine building reactor 4…April 12 2012
Now see the breathtaking earthquake data, the dam content change data just for 30 Indian dams to place the catastrophic event in perspective:
The major 7.1 quake at Fuku and then the unit4 turbine fire!
Look at the surge of total dam content changes also for just 30 Indian dams…Too much of a coincidence:
Quakes at Fuku and Unit 4 at Daichi Turbine on Fire on April 12 2011:
Date Time Lat Long Magnitude Depth Seismic Moment Total Dam Content change for the day(MCM)
2011 4 7 143242 38.253 141.64 7.1 49 4.466835922 101159.57
2011 4 8 184231 43.896 147.468 5.3 63.4 0.008912509 -104042.9
2011 4 9 125749 30.013 131.81 6.1 21.3 0.141253754 143.35
2011 4 10 202426 -36.077 -73.256 5.2 26.6 0.006309573 -11079.23
2011 4 11 81613 37.007 140.477 6.6 10 0.794328235 9609.5
2011 4 12 50742 37 140.7 6 10.6 0.1 -12144.51
2011 4 13 195724 39.587 143.357 6.1 11.2 0.141253754 9085.03

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