Friday, March 2, 2012

No nukes or GMOs can ever be sufficiently safe, dont try them out ever.

Re: The Hindu,
CHENNAI, March 2, 2012, Geneticist asks government not to be a stumbling block between lab, land
Special Correspondent
The government, which should be involved in regulating the applications of biotechnology, especially in the development of Genetically Modified (GM) foods, should not become a stumbling block between the lab and the land, geneticist Gurdev Khush said on Tuesday.

Bad governance is criminally allowing food to rot while the agri minister was busy cricketing. The pds is a miserable affair. Many ration cards are fake. The proper distribution of nutritious food is not taking place. Why cant you centralising officials heed the voice of the Mahatma who advised decentralised storage of food in villages? We refuse to be lab rats for the career advancement of GM specialists. There are enormous numbers of Richharia etc traditional rice varieties which were neglected in favour of the rotten green revolution and now the gms with their seed monopoly and non seed use of the gms? The static gm design is infinitely inferior to the dynamic wild variations. The antibiotics in the GM will make every cell of us sick. When public interest scientists vehemently oppose the vested interest selfishness of a few careerists, it calls for open detailed public scrutiny. GMs are not the way to grow food because it bypasses the farmers experience of millennia for a few static changes by labs which are invasive of neighbours' naturals. And GMs are useless without such dangerous experimentation, that too for an indefinite period. Enough of monopoly falsehoods masquerading as vedavakyas of truth. Change your ugly megalapolis life style to the clean and green village and grow forests for the rest of the lifetime of the biosphere. In a land where for the majority land is their homeland we cannot gift away our lands to the unreliable unsafe untried gms. And what a guzzler of land and pesticides and weedicides they have proven to be to make many a farmer commit khudkushi. Restore our original culture of seed saving, reuse and return.
Annadbhavanthi bhutani!
Parjanyad annasambhavaha! Yagnaadbhavati parjanyo, Yagnaha karmasamudbhavaha, Karma brahmadbhavam, bramhakshara samudbhavam, tasmaat sarvagatham Brahma nityam yagne pratishtitham; yevam pravarthitham chakram naanuvarthayateeyaaha,aghayurindriaaramogham parthaha sahajeevathi!
Come down and talk to the farmers of your lab cultures and tell them why you want to experiment and then tell them what you do not know: the microdetails of the myriad interconnections of nature! How can you harmonise a strain new to nature? Nature determines the route of evolution; you dare not break it in your half baked trial and error disasters.
Your claims are empty and untested on the ground but like nuclear power every gm design can only suggest safety after actual use! Just as no nuke however advanced cannot be tested full scale so with GMs.

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