Saturday, March 31, 2012

Deathbed of Nuclear Power

The risks of choosing nuclear power

Haikus on Kudankulams

Farmers toil in fields
Farmers even now labour
Using their muscles!

Rate of doing work
Gigawatts per square km
Wheat and oats result

They pluck fruits and almonds
Nuts cracked in Bramah presses
Fresh fruits eaten lush

Trees grow spending little
Of fresh waters transpired
Equitably shared!

Power flow through trees same
As through all life using sun
Transpire and respire

Hundred watts per head
Hundred twenty gigawatts
Hundred twenty crores!

This through nuke fusion
Far far away in the sun
Non-clonal rebirths!

Earth accepts the dead
As nourishment well deserved
Biodegrades swell!

But you chose Kudan
Over the heads of all life
Powerless poisons!

Its just a mirage
That electricity flows
From Kudankulam!

We will all be and our babes
Genes deformed deadly

Realise, shut down
Close down all nukes all over
Spare us nuke terror

Nukes every five years
Cause vast stretches of wasteland
Forever useless.

Nuclear wastes are new
Nature despoiled forever
State terrorism.

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