Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Re: Deccan Herald, Half of Indians defecate in open, but more own a mobile phone
New Delhi, Mar 13, 2012 (PTI)

The central government is happy(do you know why?) spending much much beyond our means even to the extent of the 99% of us forced to eat monocultural poisons(GM foods) and to the extent of the nuclear demons and GM acres defecating their poisons "living" forever in the biosphere. Do you know that in the process the public belonging to any category save the nuclear industry will never get any electricity generated by these infinitely living demons? Now they are defecating in the open because the government is not providing compulsory public composting toilets even though they know full well that excreta of living beings is lovingly gratefully accepted by mother earth as YAJNA(RETURN biodegradable and infinitely nutritious than the idiotically generated thoughtlessly generated nuke poisons). They were forced out of their villages where modern civilization built its structures of which the father of the nation perspicaciously scientifically and like a man with extraordinary foresight and fortitude stated " Given enough time modern civilization will destroy itself." Know ye that the dynamics of nukes creates tremendous greenhouse gases and submerge themselves in the sea rises permanent! Do an energy audit of the 60 gigawatts of nukes as they are progressively constructed and see the glaring gluttony of them as they devour all the coal fired electricity/energy and make you forever drown yourselves in the dynamics of extinction. If ye ever have the courage to face the truth and act, do your arithmetic like I did: http://kattigekendakaigakenda.blogspot.in/
Know the power of human living energy, all the articles at: http://livingnormally.blogspot.in/
600 million people's creative living energy generates electricity at 100 watts each of 60000 MW forever and when they die they are accepted gratefully without a qualm by mother earth. Solar energy via living energy takes care of the output-all output of life. Thats the way!

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Ramaswami Ashok Kumar said...

What is the role of living energy in policy? Zero says the article in effect!