Saturday, March 24, 2012

Nuclear Parks, Energy audit, Goedel and safety of nukes and the Gita .

Re: Seoul Summit: PM expected to unveil steps on tackling n-terrorism
Agencies : New Delhi, Sat Mar 24 2012, 09:58 hrs
Pointing out that India is expanding its nuclear power programme to diversify its energy mix and enhance energy security, Singh said that in order to retain public support for harnessing the benefits of nuclear energy, "we must be able to assure them of the highest levels of nuclear security and safety."
But the highest levels of security and safety are just not enough!
Energy audit including embedded energy till decommissioning shows that year after year the nuclear power programme consumes all the energy it produces and more. Thus not only no electricity is available to society from such programmes but also they demand energy and power from other forms of energy. Society,in spite of strict energy conservation measures, will remain hungry for electricity and hence will burden the taxpayer by construction of ever more nuclear parks like the Moorkhapaddhati going on at Kudankulam. This will also cause untold loss of lives by increasing the cancer death loads year after year, even during normal operations.Further genetic damages of parents will ensure damages of genes are transferred on. The safety problems of nuclear power are just too difficult to solve. Thus Kurt Goedel: Suppose a great lot of sets exist of mutually exclusive ways in which Kudankulam n-park and nature (man is a part) interact resulting in unacceptable danger to the public and other life. Then there will be also be a set containing exactly one member from each which may, by the precautionary principle, also be unacceptably unsafe. Thus as time goes on we can never be clear of the sets and the one more set, then one more set and so on. When such sets are infinite in number, the Gita has a piece of guidance to offer: There is true knowledge, learn thou it is this: To see one changeless life in all the lives, in the separate, the inseparable. Thus all the elements of the park are rigidly interconnected with nature and you can see that the safety problem of nukes is just too difficult to solve, with the cumulative effects of modern civilization already leading us to extinction. Mahatma Gandhi quickly and perspicaciously saw through the fraud of modern civilization and remarked in 1908: Given enough time modern civilization will destroy itself. And nuclear has deadened the human spirit. Thus ever more parks are being craved for greedily knowing full well the Moorkhapaddhati, the suicidal omnicidal path being taken by India and some others.

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