Monday, February 19, 2018


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I am unable to file my complaint in the e portal for complaints of Indian Railways as they have programmed it erroneously. See the reproduction of my complaint form which is not accepted because the PNR Number CANNOT be entered.
Please help us by taking cognisance of the complaint and refund the fare as we were subjected to gross violation of human rights by not allowing the use of the toilet facility. Is it that impossible to examine the train before the journey commencement? This must improve.



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Ramaswami Ashok Kumar said...

As of 20 Feb 2018 not even an acknowledgment from the Railways! What a pathetic vigilance situation! A little improvement - at least basic will go a long way. What is earthly use of Maharaja trains?

Ramaswami Ashok Kumar said...

We journeyed by 2AC coach No AC3 in Udyan Express 11301 from CST to Bengaluru Cantt, departure actual at 0835 hrs(25 minutes late) and arrived at Bengaluru Cantt at 1015 AM on 19th April 2018(2 hrs late). Night meal cost Rs 80/ veg, when the non updated railway rate is Rs 50/-(acc to the food server). The PNR is 810 2472842. We senior citizens had berth nos 43 and 45. On the ticket berth no 45 is marked SL whereas actually it is lower berth. The software bug may please be corrected. The service was good and the western toilet in working order though toilet paper was exhausted by the time the train reached Angar. All in all this journey was marred by lack of sugarless tea/coffee. Having adopted modern civilization which increased diabetes among the people, the govt is duty bound to provide this basic amenity to the travelers who may be given separate sugar packets if needed. The snacks provided were of good quality. We would request the railways to avoid serving curds and dal in non food class plastics for swach bharat compatability. The way railways have improved hygiene on the trains by regular cleaning service on long distance trains is commendable.

Ramaswami Ashok Kumar said...

Last time it was a family of elephants. This time children in a van. When Prabhu was the railway minister the situation was no better. It has to do with acceptable governance. What is acceptable governance? For one thing it is to be good in thought, word and deed. That does not mean handouts of lakhs every time such an accident happens and people are involved who are killed. When elephant family was killed what was the dole? And to whom? Today's governance is anti India and Anti Life. Look at the policy: On what basis are they perpetuating Nuclear Power Programs even though they are non-performing and infinite liabilities. Such governance is anti Hindu and anti vedanta and against the Gita and every "great" religious script. Has the governance any regard for Return? : IMPERISHABLE IS THE SUPREME. ITS LOCATION IN EACH INDIVIDUAL BODY IS CALLED ADHYATMA: THE OFFERING IN RETURN WHICH CAUSES THE GENESIS AND SUPPORT OF BEINGS IS CALLED KARMA. STOP THIS OMNICIDE. ITS AGAINST CONSTITUTION.Om!

Ramaswami Ashok Kumar said...

Convert now every unmanned railway crossing into a manned or an idiot proof crossing.It will generate jobs useful in every way and find the money for it by shutting down nuke programs like ANGELa Merkel did in Germany.

Ramaswami Ashok Kumar said...

Doing away with unmanned crossing by 2020? How about Railways trespassing elephant corridors? How about a tunnel across? Release money for such projects by avoiding many useless projects of modern civilization like dams and nuclear reactors and building only total energy stations where efficiency of coal use is upwards of 80%. Why do you guzzle electrical energy in summer by vapour compressor AC when you can use the energy of the sun in vapour absorption cooling machines? You see crossings are everywhere where you should not in mad modern civilization!