Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Devsari Dam

(C) Copyright 2018 Ramaswami Ashok Kumar
Niti Aayog, wake up from the moorkhapaddhati of geoengineering to swift destruction to karma of normal ways,preserve Aranyas and with all creatures reforest Mother Earth for preventing omnicide, Now.

0.754 Ha forest =7540 m2 = 754000 kg dry biomass. The dry biomass density is taken to be 100 kg/m2. The plant transpires it's own mass of water per day. In  a year it transpires 36500 kg of water per m2 . Or 36.5 m3/m2. This means a water table height of 36.5 m is maintained by the forest by repeated recharging in a year . Over 7540 m2 forest the water stored underground is 7540x36.5=270000 m3 yearly.
The power of forest.
100 kg/m2 dry biomass density is 100 kg water transpired into the atmosphere every 10 hours:
The energy of transpiration is 540 kcal/kgx4.2kJ/kcal=2260 kJ/kg or 226000 kJ /m2/d. Or 226000 kwattsec in 36000 s is
6.3kW.For the 7540 m2 forest the power flow is 6.3x7540=47 MW!
But see
F. No. 8-59/2012-FC Sub: Diversion of 197.173 ha of forest land in favour of M/s SJVN, Limited for ... - Forests Clearances ›

The Diversion of 197.173 Ha forest land means
266x47 MW= 125000 MW power flow of forest is replaced by just 252 MW of hydro!   Not only this but groundwater storage use of 266x 270000m3= 200x4/3x270000=200x360000=
72 million cubic meters annually of forest groundwater  lost to the Devsari godless moorkhapaddhati of dams or stupid geoengineering by modern civilization! 

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