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Such killings are becoming commonplace in modern civilization.  Mahatma Gandhi saw this injustice in a flash in 1908 when he exclaimed: Given enough time modern civilization will destroy itself. Applying the Precautionary Principle, modern civilization must be stopped in its tracks and the premises of its design basis scientifically examined, not by the protagonists of a specialist society that is modern civilization but by people who have despecialised their visions.
I will now weave the various nodes of action to arrive at the disaster. Dams store behind them water for meeting needs and greeds of modern civilization. Dams are all over the world, became ubiquitous from about 1900 onwards. The surface storage use instead of groundwater storage has led to many problems many of them unforeseen by the specialists : one of them is train disasters including derailments caused by tracks damaged by the dynamics of the world’s dams. Let us see how this comes about.
Global Dams cause worldwide earthquakes(1). I use earthquake parameters as data inputs for determining the change in total worldwide dam contents which caused an earthquake. Knowing the change in dam contents, the severity of damage to tracks at a given location can be inferred.
For example, see Table EDAMS below. The column for February 25 2018 shows a 7.5 MM magnitude earthquake that took place in Papua New Guinea. This earthquake was caused by a total worldwide dam content change of 17.55 BCM at the time of the earthquake of 17:44:44.38 hrs UTC. This translates to a force of 1.72Exp14 N, applied at the train disaster site Latitude 29.8316, Longitude 31.2324. This is the force applied by the total dam content change acting at their center of gravity.  Considering a block 200mx200mx1m at the collision location, the block experienced a downward acceleration INPUT of 782528 m/s/s, that is 79000 times the acceleration due to gravity. This corresponds to a 1 second displacement INPUT at the time of occurrence of 391264 meters. If this location offered a fulcrum to the water moment applied by the dam dynamics, there would be track dislocation at the site. This argument applies to all the dam content changes occurring at the instances shown in the table. No one can design a track to withstand such dam dynamics. This is the common antecedent to all the phenomena of devastations caused by dam dynamics(2).


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