Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Still you are there nukes? Nagasaki to Fukushima and beyond.

@Mark August 9(Nagasaki,1945) 1205 AM:
Sad the young have not learnt from the past generation's experiences.

From them wisdom must come out
In proactive deeds

Wake up children shout!
If you dont know that you know
Awake arise live!

Dont damage the genes
Forever your heritage
Precious chromosomes.

Idiots in command
It must never have happened
Idiots stop stop stop

All earth is poisoned
It is infinite poison
Permeating life

What corporate cult
That permits such stupid greed
Since Nagasaki

The Plutoniuma
Induced by Nagasaki
Caused Fukushima

What freeze on thinking
Millions perfectly murdered
Nagasaki gift

Still you are there nukes?
Spiritually all dead
Brahma's night has come.

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Ramaswami Ashok Kumar said...

Alas! There is a breakthrough in the nuclear deal between the USA and India. Nuts.