Monday, July 30, 2012

The Kamadhenu Or The Non-clonal Negentropist

Shredder, Shredder What You Are

Shredder Shredder What You Are
Driven daily by ten odd horse power
At a cost greater than fifty thousand Indian Gelder
Of severe nineteeneightyone winter
To cut centimeter fat stalked grasses of a meter or longer
To centimeter short cellulose and sundry litter
By one day one ton to the prefermentor
Shredder Shredder What You Are
When you become a million in number
To rise to a very important power consumer
Of seven thousand five hundred megawatt order
Consuming everyday seventy-five million kilowatthour
Multiplied by inefficiency into five times greater
Everyday and every year
Shredder Shredder What You Are

Enter now the colourful Conservator
Putting on herself the cap of a Shredder
To whet the appetite of the unbiological unecological monster
Yet to save the living systems all over the world ten times over
Yes I come in the guise of a living titurator
But with the divine sanction of a multiple producer
From centimeter fat meter long primary generator
Cowdung, milk and bullock litter
And so the wanted raw material for the hungry prefermentor
Complete with ground organic matter and full of microbacter
From my mighty masticator and my four stomach ruminator
Just for you to mix in with your excreter in the sewage inlet chamber
My urine is all the more a nutrient admixer  to your concentrator
And milk by the tens of liter  for your young to be all round healthier
So you can use the gas you produce from the bio-digester
To boil all the harmful material away from the container
To enable your litter to drink a little safer
Aall I produce by being a Shredder, MMaawer!
Yes,Yes, I am a silent, lawn mower and infinitely superior to the diesel guzzler!

The bullock will help you bring  nature's leafy litter
Away from the waiting trucks of the contractor- the diesel depleter
To the pleasing silent confines of the bioplant perimeter
And he can even drive the capstan to churn the living matter in the sewage inlet chamber
Yet I am eight cows and two bullocks cheaper by the Gelder
It definitely costs to procure an insolvency inducing power driven shredder
Would you care to buy a local breed for your digester
Now that you may be wiser as a divine Conservator?
I explain to you that I am a Shredder, a milk producer, a Cowdung producer,
A microbactergiver, an ox and cow producer,
The ox a gentle karma of motive power,
All from the primary producer called the long stalker grasser
And hence a resource and energy producer today all the scarcer,
For all times of the year cheaper by ten animals to a mechanical shredder
Indeed I am a soil and oil Conservator and hence a perpetual life sustainer
Come come my dear mechanical engineer buy a divine Conservator!
Ramaswami Ashok Kumar, 23 July 1983, 1600 hour

Copyright ©2012 Ramaswami Ashok Kumar

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