Saturday, April 28, 2018

The Artificial Intelligence is not good enough Microsoft. Improve it!

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Latest News 29 April 2018 0418h UTC
When I started the laptop, the first thing that happened was that the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant was reloaded by Microsoft and before I could delete it the pop up came to install 5GB security updatesand I clicked on the button remind me later and the pop up disappeared and I deleted the Asisstant and emptied the recycle bin and then uninstalled the Assistant.
This is the efficiency with which the system is operating. End of News.

An open request to Microsoft: 28 April 2018

The Microsoft Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant is not taking into account  whether my PC has already been upgraded on 24th April 2018 – change the program so it comes to know whether the 5 GB upgrade has already been installed.


You are not taking into account the question of whether the Windows 10 Update assistant has a bug in it. It has a serious security bug and is robbing me of my 5GB storage  by repeatedly reloading again and again the Upgrade on 1709 which was completed on April 24 2018, exhausting my 1.5 GB/day on my metered connection  already thrice now. Note that this is because we do not have non-metered connections at all with the Wi-Fi connections now in vogue! So I let in the Updates using my precious storage and bandwidth. But the updates are so ubiquitous! Like every day! Has internet become so insecure? Today there is again a request for updates. The rich Microsoft must also bear the cost of the updates and that too because of lack prima facie of exertion of due diligence.  Stop collecting largesse from us because of the frequency of your updates. Put a cap now and bear the cost of the metered connection for your updates. 
Every time I uninstall the idiot that the Assistant is, it springs back and again either forces itself by informing me that it is running or a pop up comes to ask me to allow the so called 5GB security update to be installed. The pop up contains an option "Remind me later" and I use it and it goes away. I have to uninstall  the idiot again and I do it each and everytime. What kind of an assistant it is that it is doing already performed actions repeatedly. Correct it now. I have absolutely no trust in your assistant or the quality of your so-called security update. Please have another option for yourself: Already updated on... And then stop harassing.
Have you anything more to install now?
If so state it on your pop up stating you want to install X GB more of Security updates clearly naming the ones which are not installed so we can compare with history and decide. Please pay for them yourself.

Artificial Intelligence is still an idiot.


Ramaswami Ashok Kumar said...

The latest news at 06:57 on 29 April 2018:
The assistant for Windows 10 Upgrade came back again like an idiot to disturb me to have 5GB upgrade installed again, the so called security update. I uninstalled it immediately: It is now half a dozen times today the idiot has disturbed me. What a joke this artificial intelligence is proving to be. When will Microsoft wake up to this tamasha bordering on robbing me of my time, money, material and labour? I have asked microsoft support to check out this article.

Ramaswami Ashok Kumar said...

After a cumulative update on 25th July 2018, it has called for another set of 'important updates ' and forced me to schedule a date aND TIME(unwillingly I have fixed the date for 14 August at 0 hrs utc). How inefficient the windows 10 operator has become! It is a real nuisance on my metered connection later when I return to what I can afford a 1.5 GB per day metered connection. The windows will consume all that every other day and make my connection everytime totally useless. Cannot some wild capitalist take over(or a wild communist or any other wild fellow) and introduce a better operating system workable for our sachets? This zero intolerance is infringing on our rights to use the internet and is not internet neutral. The govt must severely punish such violators of net neutrality at once.