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Ignore root cause, get root shock- Dams the cause of Irma's Fury

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What the graph of temperature rise of the earth’s surface shows is a significant replica of the warming of the earth caused by the dynamics of dam content changes and total capacity changes over the years. For dam capacity data see
See the correlation in the Figure1Ch15 below: The graph documents how dam capacity changes over the years increased the surface temperature of the earth with correlation coefficient of 0.913, df=116, p = 1.0976E-46 applying the Student’s t distribution. Period 1900 to 2017.
The means of the temperature rise and of dam capacity changes as well as the variances are equal respectively as determined by F-Ratio Test, the Chi-square Distribution Test. F-Test:  Mean of C/CMax= 0.069594. Here C is the temperature change of the earth’s surface over the average 1951-1980 values.
CMax is its maximum value.
The standard deviation  of C/CMax= 0.342233183(1900-2017).
The mean of the ratio  Annual Dam Capacity/Max of Annual Dam Capacity, X/XMax=0.032861808(1900-2017). Its standard deviation is 0.376119
The difference of these two means has 0.43 probability to have occurred by chance. Thus these two means are equal. That these two populations are also having the same variations is shown by the F-Ratio Test. The probability is 0.43 that the variations differ due to chance. The variation s are thus equal for the populations.
The chi-square test reveals that X^2 Sum for n=118 values each, time series 1900-2017 is 16, df=116, p = 1.

1.2 Another study shows the spike typical of peak magnitude earthquakes like the 9.1 MM 2004 Andaman Sumatra quake, the Tohoku 9.1 MM earthquake of 11 March 2011 both of which also suddenly increased the effective dam capacity by an impulse due to the displacement and shock input temperatures: The tsunamis followed. But the 2011 quake resulted in the explosion of nuclear reactors and the melting of three cores and possibly will result in the vaporisation of the spent fuel pools and the death of the Pacific ocean and the extinction of life. It is slated to cause 100% infant mortality in India by 2028 onward.


The common antecedent to disasters in modern civilization is the dynamics of the world's dams. See the latest observations regarding the foot overbridge collapse in Miami:


My own findings

I apply the precautionary principle and derive scientifically the following facts:

The foot overbridge collapse was caused, according to my research, by world dam dynamics causing beyond design basis vibrations the moment the bridge was put into place on 10 March 2018 till its collapse on 15 March 2018 at 17:30 hrs UTC. 

Figure 19Ch19 depicts the shock temperature input to the ground  on a block 200mx200mx1m at the foot bridge, considering that the total water moment at any time, of all the world’s dams, exerted from the center of gravity of the reservoirs of the  dams at

was all used up in converting to the shock input temperature of the block. This temperature at collapse was 1225 K and the average temperature shock over a period of 123 hours from 10 March 2018 when the bridge was installed was 175000 K, with mean time between shocks being about 30 minutes. There were at least 249 shock inputs caused by a dam content change at each time, the parameters were measured( or estimated). Look mystified by the temperature oscillations! Newton’s Lawof cooling appears to have been ineffective because of the frequency (30 minutes) with which the shocks occurred. 249 shocks occurred at least. Whenever an earthquake occurred, it was caused by  dam dynamics resulting from worldwide total withdrawal of dam waters according to demand.

Figure 21Ch21 shows the 1s displacement magnitudes(vertical) if all the vertical dam force each time were converted to displacements. Again the vibrations are a total serendipity to designers within the framework of specialists!

Some combination of these two conversions took place constantly during the period the bridge was up to the time of collapse.

1.4 People must despecialise their visions and take a hard look at my work and carry out their own independent investigations. In the meanwhile, the precautionary principle requires that when such is the serendipity of the phenomenon, the infrastructure builders must stop the projects till such time a consensus is built up regarding the inadequacy of policy making within the framework of modern specialist society.

1.5 Re:
This is the havoc caused by the dams of the world. Mainstream(!) media do not want to see the truth: Given enough time modern civilization will destroy itself.
The biggest Geo-engineering event of history-surface waters to meet needs than groundwaters-Dams!
The dam content changes are so huge when the sum total at any time for the dams of the whole world is considered, that they are causing worldwide earthquakes including the one that is destroying the Pacific Ocean and the world: The 9 MM great Tohoku quake of March 11, 2011.
See Ref 3.1. This is basic prerequisite reading for the assertions developed here.See also Ref 3.1.1
Similar is the case - that is dams are also the cause of intense hurricanes, ice shelf break ups like the Larsen in Antarctica, extremes of rain, cloudbursts, flash floods, droughts, wildfires, landslides, nuclear reactor explosions and crack ups, and in general, the break up of modern civilization.
Study of the data regarding these phenomena shows the following:
The common antecedent to all these phenomena is seen to be the world's dam content changes, by a scientific study of the data bases.When dam content changes are small, the phenomena do not occur(The exclusion property of causes). Whenever these dam content changes are significant, they are unequivocally followed by one or more of these phenomena in quick succession(The principle of instance confirmation).

1.6 Dams the root cause of increased intensities of Hurricanes and Wildfires among others like extremes of rain-Climate Change.
1.6.1 Hurricanes.
Consider a block of 200mx200mx1m of sea floor at the start locations of the hurricanes, for example of Harvey 2017 and Irma 2017. Assume that the dam content changes for the entire globe are summed for each point of time for an appropriate  period of time up to the start of the Hurricane . The corresponding mass of water for such world dam content change acts at the Center of Gravity of the water masses behind the world’s dams. The TOTAL dam content change appearing at the center of gravity  exerts a water moment change at the location of the start of the hurricane. The shock so delivered is assumed to raise the temperature of the block of sea floor, applying the precautionary principle, to determine  a baseline of temperature rise for the block- a source term for the cause of the hurricane and its severity. The temperature rise is proportional to the dam content change. For the period considered, the sum of such temperature rises to the start of the Hurricane gives us an idea of the cumulative temperature rises transformed to deaths, destruction and damages wrought by the hurricane. The Newton’s Law of cooling seems inadequate to mitigate the consequences of the water inputs and withdrawal from the dams.
The Figures below show the millions of degrees  Kelvin  of cumulative Temperature rise triggering the hurricanes Harvey and Irma in 2017.


1.6.2 See coverage of Hurricane Harvey Humbling Houston at:

1.6.3 The very severe cyclone OCKHI November 29 to December 6, 2017
Using the knowledge of the root cause of cyclones- dams of the  world- we could have predicted the cyclone track on 12 November itself! And prevented the deaths and enabled fishermen and other people to prepare themselves in advance.

The prediction method 

The common antecedent to many disasters in the world today is the worldwide dam content change occurring continuously in accordance with global water demand. See Figure 1 and Table 1. On 12 November 2017 at 2017-11-12T18:18:17.290Z a dam content change of 9.5 BCM occurred. This resulted in a water moment change equivalent to a shock input temperature change of the values indicated in Figure 1 on a reference block of sea floor or land of 200mx200mx1m. The block temperature input is computed for a value of specific heat energy of 2000 J/Kg/Kelvin. We see that the track of the cyclone OKHI could have been predicted on 12th November 2017 itself. 

1.6.4 Dams exacerbate air pollution by a severe temperature effect.


 1.3 Wildfires.
Consider the California Redwood Valley Fire which started on 8 October 2017 and was still on on 21 October 2017.
The details:

1.6.5 How did the fire start on October 8, 2017?
The conditions were ripe on October 8,2017 when a massive worldwide dam content change of 0.581 BCM
(Billion cubic meters) occurred and appeared at the center of gravity of the water masses behind the world’s dams
at 22:34:33.96 UTC, exerting a shock to the Redwood Valley located at 39.25,-123.166 of  energy surge of
7Exp19 Joules which resulted in a shock temperature rise input of 1.14 million degrees Kelvin to the 36,523 acre valley,
assuming a soil depth of 0.5m, soil density of 1000 kg/m^3 and a specific energy of 830 J/kg/K.0 hours. Later at 18:36 UTC
on 9th October 2017 Redwood Valley caught fire.
See Figure6Ch6:

The Dam Content change above  also caused a 6.6 MM significant strong earthquake

2017-10-08 22:34:33 UTC 52.450°N   176.808°E 111.8 km depth

1.6.6 The Ventura Fire 24 October 2017
There was a huge total worldwide dam content change of 1.28 BCM(billion cubic meters) at 2017-10-24T10:47:47.540Z or 3:47:47.54 AM local time at Ventura(34.3705,-119.1391) in California.
This resulted at 3:47:47 Ventura local time in a huge temperature change shock input of 542354501 degrees K in Ventura to area of 150 acres and these were the consequences:
4:41 AM(local time)
LAPD warning: 104° or more+high winds=extreme fire danger today.
7:31 AM (local time)
Beginning at 8:00 AM today (10/24/2017), all vehicles parked illegally in posted locations within the Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zones will be towed
Preceding these was the strong earthquake at 3:47:47 California local time in Indonesia:
141km NNE of Palue, Indonesia

7:51 PM Ventura local time:
 2 FF injuries on #Vistafire: one smoke inhalation, treated and released. One FF w/multiple bee stings, transported to local hospital. @VCFD
Perimeter view of #Vistafire near Casistas Springs. Containment at approx 50% @VCFD

See Figure 7Ch7: Shock Temperature Inputs from Dam Content Changes Worldwide causing the fire at the Ventura Fire Area of 150 acres: THENI FOREST FIRE KILLS TREKKERS

Tamilnadu and the world's thinkers start thinking outside the box. Applying the precautionary principle I come to the following policy regarding modern civilization, a society of specialists which is destroying itself, because of its specialisations. Phase out dams and replace with Forests: The fire became incipient when a 5.9 MM dam caused quake was caused by a World dam content change of 32.3 million cubic meters which caused a shock input temperature of 2 million degrees K to a baseline 200m^2 by 1 m thick forest ground at Theni on 10 March at 21:45 h UTC(3:15 AM local). The flame started to rage at 620 UTC or 1150 IST on 11 March when world dam dynamics caused a shock input temperature of 11900 K there.  See Perfect Designs: Ignore Root Cause, get Root Shock, Dams the cause of Irma's Fury via a  search engine

See the moment by moment build up of the Theni Fire:

 The common antecedent to all these dam era phenomena is World Dam Dynamics. Scientifically thus the cause is dams of the world. See this clip from enenews on 27 October 2017:

The clip:
Dana Durnford
Hey i,m doing a live show on the Death of the Pacific Ocean at my youtube site beautifulgirlbydana it starts in 12 min the link is good for after the show also . Now the oceans are dying, with the Pacific Ocean dead:
 The catastrophic radioactive brew of the triple melt and explosion at Fukushima on 11 March 2011 which contaminated the Pacific to eternity,  the worldwide dam content changes by continuously applying enormous surges of forces and water moment at various locations on the earth, also is causing the oceans to heat up enormously. Let us consider why the Pacific Ocean is dead along with its animals and the birds.
1.6.8 Consider a block of seafloor in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Oregon at location 43.814,-128.279, selected randomly. Let us compute the shock temperature inputs delivered to this slab from 1 June 2017 to 25 October 2017. The shock temperature profile is shown in Figure 10Ch10 below:

The average shock temperature at the end of the period on October 25, 2017 computes to more than 12 million degrees centigrade! 

The average temperature shock input by the dams,  3500 hours after 1 June 2017 00 hrs UTC is more than 12 million degrees centigrade!
No Newton Law of Cooling at these inputs and at such periodic intervals(17.64 minutes) can ever bring down the sea temperature to life sustaining levels!

1.6.9 Oroville Dam spillway damage on 7 February 2017

Let us now consider the spillway crater appearance 80m across,185m long and 10m deep  at Oroville Dam, California on 7 February 2017. At 2017-02-07T22:03:56.390Z or 1503 Oroville time, a 0.3408 BCM dam content change worldwide occurred.  This was the common antecedent to heavy rainfall on 7 February 2017 at Oroville, a strong earthquake of 6.3 MM magnitude at the hypocentre  latitude 25.1912    Longitude 63.2644 and depth 29.07 km and the following conditions at Oroville control spillway chute at the observed crater:  On a 200mx200mx1m block of the chute(assumed location same as Oroville dam location: 39.5426  -121.492), a water moment of 3.63427E+19 Nm occurred. If this was all converted to heating up the block, a temperature rise input of 454 million degrees would have resulted, if the applied energy was all used up. On the other hand, if the applied water moment by the worldwide dam content change was converted to kinetic energy only it would have resulted in a peak ground motion acceleration input of a 500 million kg mass at the crater(of appropriate dimensions) and standing alone of 681.5 gs resulting in a sinking of 3343 m in one second. This scenario data stands out in comparison to the other dam content changes days prior to and after this dam content change. A plausible scenario would be the crater location area  underwent a huge heating up which attracted a huge rainfall, and a fraction of the water moment input applied by the dam content change was converted to a fraction of the peak ground motion sinking acceleration resulting in a sinkhole tens of meters deep. Further dam content changes after this event continuously contributed to build up of the sinkhole.

1.7.0 We can see from my above presentation on the millions of degrees Kelvin shock inputs into the earth(including the ocean floors) caused by dam content changes and the show by Dana Dumford on the  Death of the Pacific Ocean with enenews data, that the dominant root cause of climate change and its deadly extinction consequences is modern civilization's Dams of the World. 
1.7.1 See also enenews comment
Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar
20th October 2017 – 125,000 salmon die from disease in salmon farms in Scotland.
17th October 2017 – Thousands of Penguin chicks die of starvation, 'scientists alarmed' in East Antarctica.
17th October 2017 – TONS of dead fish wash up on a beach in Hua Hin, Thailand.
17th October 2017 – 30,000 birds killed due to avian flu in Anhui, China.
17th October 2017 – 5,000 dead fish found in a lake in Mahbubnagar, India.
17th October 2017 – 41,000 birds killed due to avian flu in Zeeland, Netherlands.
17th October 2017 – Thousands of dead fish found in a river in Paraguay.
17th October 2017 – 80 TONS of fish have died 'due to flooding' in Thai Binh, Vietnam.
16th October 2017 – Hundreds of cattle dead due to wild fires in Portugal.
15th October 2017 – 103 dead whales have washed up this year, 'never been so many before', in Brazil.
14th October 2017 – 5 pilot whales dead after stranding on Hawaii, America.
14th October 2017 – Large die off of fish in the mangroves of Darwin City, Australia.
14th October 2017 – Tens of thousands of jellyfish wash up, 'unusual', in Southern New Zealand. L
13th October 2017 – Thousands of dead fish found in a dam in Palmar, Uruguay.
13th October 2017 – Thousands of dead fish found in the river Tagus, Portugal.
12th October 2017 – 12 dead dolphins have washed up along the coast of Provence, France.
12th October 2017 – 800,000+ birds killed due to avian flu in Central and Northern Italy.
This extract is from the following link:
1.8 Why did the microlite IAF aircraft crash on 15 February on a routine sortie minutes after take off at 638 hrs UTC?


Why did the attractive little microlite aircraft Virus SW-80 100 hp crash?

I apply the Precautionary Principle to get at the root cause. The principle  essentially  requires the authorities to stop the activity- in this case the use of microlite aircraft( of whatever make) till independent investigations establish the root cause and the subsequent decision by policy makers. Its maximum take off weight is just 600 kg. A global total dam content change of 247 cubic meters at 6:38 hrs UTC applied in effect a vertically downward force of 2420547.9 Newtons(N)(411 g’s) on the plane causing a downward acceleration of 4034 m/s/s and a downward speed by 1s of 2017 m/s.  If we assume that the plane came down  2 minutes after take off, and the climb speed is 6.6 m/s, then at the end of two minutes the plane would have reached an altitude of 6.6x 120s= 792 m. A downward speed of 2017 m/s at the end of two minutes would have made it to crash on the sandbar at Majuli Island in 0.3 seconds.Simultaneously a dam caused quake occurred at Oklahoma:

2018-02-15T06:38:00.250Z 35.7805 -98.5783 6.21 2.5 mb_lg
79 0.161 0.25 us us2000d2ip 2018-02-15T07:05:05.040Z 15km ENE of Thomas, Oklahoma

1.8.1 Read another airplane crash with the same common antecedent-dam dynamics:

There have been a number of air crashes whose common antecedent is world's dam dynamics. See PERFECT DESIGNS: Ignore root cause, get root shock- Dams the cause of Irma's Fury /Ramaswami Ashok Kumar by Google Search. To get a feel for the design implications some numbers: The plane crashed at 12:00 UTC on 6 Mar 2018 500m short of the runaway because:1) at 11:23 a dam content change of 0.0025 billion cubic meters(BCM) resulted in a downward vertical dam force on the plane of 46000 times the maximum thrust that the plane can develop and 2) at 11:57 a dam content change of 0.002 BCM caused a similar force on the plane of 36600 times the max thrust.
Apply the Precautionary Principle and ground the planes till detailed independent safety analyses establish the inadequacy of existing designs for any acceptable low level of risk.

1.8.2 And still another airplane crash, this time killing all 257 people.

At the time the plane took off there was a worldwide dam content Change of 3860 cubic meters appearing at the center of gravity of the dams located at 24,99. This resulted in a force of 37907200.26 N shock applied to the plane taking off 8929 km from the center of gravity of the world's dams. The take off location was 36.7538, 3.0588 in Algiers at the military air base Bofurika. The dams applied a bending Moment shock of 3.38E+14 Nm. Assuming all of this was consumed in raising the temperature of the plane, the shock input temperature would be 867880 degrees Kelvin.
If all the force applied at the location of the plane appeared as downward acceleration of the plane the plane would experience a shock of about 20 times the acceleration due to gravity and hit the ground in about 7 seconds. A combination of these two shocks in some catastrophic proportion was a critical contributor to the cause  of the crash. I have applied the precautionary principle in performing this study.

1.8.3 The nutrino project in the Western Ghats-a certain dam dynamics induced calamity will destroy the tunnel and the building.
Re: A Citizen’s evaluation of the neutrino project blasts in the Western Ghats. Pottipuram.
World Dam dynamics will prevail in Pottipuram as elsewhere at the present situation. The tunnelling will meet an ignominious end with the worldwide dam content changes ensuring  the shock vertical dam pressure exerted at the neutrino site on a 200mx200m soil block at the project to exceed the shear strength of the soil assumed at 0.15 MPa on the average by a factor of 28- that is, by more than an order of magnitude and the peak by 28640 or by more than 4 to 5 orders of magnitude. The average shock input soil temperature at the site is estimated to be a million degrees Kelvin with the mean time between two dam content changes estimated at 24 minutes. The soil may be drained out at this rate and the shear strength of the soil will then be zero. Thus the tunnel will collapse. This illustrative scenario is calculated for the period 12th February 2018 to 15th April 2018. During this period the dam content changes caused a 7.2 MM quake(Feb 16 2018 at Mexico) as well as a 7.5 MM quake at Papua New Guinea on 25 Feb 2018. The parallel occurrence during this period was the Theni Forest Fire which resulted in deaths of women and children during 10 to 11 March 2018 also caused by th world’s dam dynamics. Theni occurrence was at 10.0096, 77.4846 while the neutrino disaster scenario is enacted at the fenced off site at 9.9965, 77.2833- a mere 22 km from Theni disaster fire. And in the Arabian Sea there was also the parallel dam dynamics induced fire on a container Box ship Maersk Honam on 6 March 2018 with dam dynamics overwhelming the ship during the period 12th February to 6th march 2018.

1.9 Why did the Grenfell Tower fire occur?

Applying the precautionary principle we must recognise that enough is deliberately not known about the self destructive ways of modern civilization and the policies of the governments. Hence must stop the occupation of towers like Grenfell till enough is known about the root cause of the fire- just short circuit or fridge defect etc wont wash. There may be something fundamentally wrong about modern fundamentalism engendered by the society of specialists that modern civilization is. I make an analysis of the Grenfell tower fire acutely conscious of the precautionary principle to get at the root cause behind the fire. I take a 200mx200mx1m block of material at the foundation of the tower and work out the temperatures and the ground motion acceleration inputs delivered by the dynamics of the world dam content changes measured during the period following a significant earthquake till the time of the blaze. I derive two benchmark shock inputs- one the shock input temperature at the instance of the global dam content change as if the water moment due to this were all converted to the temperature of the block, and two: the shock input  ground motion acceleration at the foundation if all the water moment were converted to kinetic energy of the block. The result is shown in the figure below:Note: X axis: Number of hours from 0 hrs on 2 june 2017. Y axis: Temperature Input to block ,log scale. Brown colour graph: power fit, R^2 0.9365.

 1.10 A twin engined turboprop ATR-72-212 on flight EP 3704 from Tehran to Yasuj in Iran on 18 Feb 2018 seems to have experienced significantly high ratio of vertically downward global dam forces compared to the climb thrust of the engine. Applying the precautionary principle it is prudent to subject modern airplane flight design to independent research like what I have done to establish whether present designs are acceptably safe. See Figure 14 Ch14 below:

An Iran Aseman Airlines Avions de Transport Regional ATR-72-212, registration EP-ATS performing flight EP-3704 from Tehran Mehrabad to Yasuj (Iran) with 60 passengers and 6 crew, disappeared from radar near the Dena Mountain at about 09:30L (06:00Z) on 18 Feb 2018. The aircraft was found on Feb 20th 2018 at position N30.8044 E51.6280 at an elevation of approximately 4000 meters/13120 feet.

Global dam forces appear to have prevailed over the vertical climb thrust of the twin engine turboprop.

1.12: Read facts about the ongoing TENORM tragedy at Thoothukudi at

2. Forests, the solution.
Opt for forests, infinitely superior to dams, forests which defy gravity and create an atmospheric distribution net of water all over and keep earthquakes and climate change at bay!
See Reforest Mother Earth to Live:

In living in this world by his own will and skill, the stupidest peasant or tribesman is more competent than the most intelligent worker or technician or intellectual in a society of specialists- Wendell Berry in the Unsettling of America, Culture and Agriculture: 1978. Avon.
In1908, in the last century, Mahatma Gandhi warned: Given enough time, modern civilization will destroy itself.

To avoid root shock, choose a normal civilization: Appreciate the need for small self sufficient communities.


Aksharam Brahma Paramam
Bhoota bhavodbhavakaro visargaha karmasangitaha.
-The Gita

Imperishable is the Supreme Ishwara
Attached to all
The offering in Return which causes the genesis and support of beings
Is called Karma:

The solution: Breathtakingly simple but ignored in modern civilization:
From food creatures become,
From Rain is the production of food,
Rain comes from Return,
Return comes from Karma!

R. Ashok Kumar


Some people have disregarded the obvious solution of forests as the solution  and only talked about big dams being not one of the solutions to mitigate climate change effects. These articles are fatally flawed in their science. There is the bus ticketting effect which they disregard. This effect is basically the sum of all water weights behind the dams of all sizes in the world, acts through the centre of gravity of all these water masses, to wreak havoc on the earth as well as infrastructures of modern civilization, a society of specialists. See the details elsewhere in the article Ignore, Root Cause, get Root Shock at

3. References:

3.1 R. Ashok Kumar. 2006. The Science of Dams causing Earthquakes and Climate Change at


3.2 National Hurricane Center, USA: Hurricane Advisory Data

3.3 California Fire Data from CALFIRE: Link:


Ramaswami Ashok Kumar said...

No comments. Thats the bane of the selfish people the world is so full of. Note ye the truth: The overwhelming cause of climate change is modern civilization, a society of specialists. A dominant part of it is dams, the principal cause of climate change- millions of degrees K - do you see it specialists? No! Given enough time modern civilization will destroy itself, Mahatma Gandhi(1908). See the writing on the debris and deaths and extinction- the sixth one at that.

Anonymous said...

I'm for forests instead of dams for sure. The forests slow down the water runoff allowing underground aquifers to be replenished.
I don't understand fully the temperature increase as in the article. Are you saying all that water weight as concentrated behind the dams is pushing down enough to cause the distant temperature rise under the oceans or places on land? Kind of makes sense for land, but what about the tremendous depths in the ocean, with maybe miles of water above the ocean floor?

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I will take up the discussion in this article. Thanks for raising the issue. Regards

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After a few short minutes I think I see a little bit. My question is this shock temp. rise, is it related to lightening? In that it is brief and intense but below ground and not in the sky and related to clouds? The other thing is that most below ground aquifers are low or empty and the water is being stored above ground which changes how the earths fault lines will react? The pressure are not "normal"? Another is the pumping/removing of liquids in the crust such as water, oil and gases. This will create gaps for heat to concentrate?

Ramaswami Ashok Kumar said...

This Indian Government is shunning its own citizens' works and unwittingly falling into a trap of its own making- going ahead with more of the same- modern civilization. Its time its various arms appreciated the pioneering work on the dangers of development within the framework of modern civilization which is geoengineering itself to swift destruction of all life and the earth. Will readers study the messages contained in the articles: Perfect Designs: Ignore root cause, get root shock- Dams the cause of Irma's Fury using search engine DuckDuckGo. There are a number of lessons for the govt to learn for the Ockhi very severe cyclone and the destruction of the destruction of the Krishnagiri dam in TN by the surge waves of the world's dams. The situation is very similar to the confusion among those who predict the track of Hurricanes in the USA and here.

Ramaswami Ashok Kumar said...

Six days of dam dynamics was enough, applying the precautionary principle, to collapse the foot overbridge. Fast, folk, get in to the discussion and come clean.