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Dam Surge overcame the EgyptAir Flt MS804 as with many other Flights.

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1 APRIL 2017
New Analyis of Airplane Crashes
Applying the Precautionary Principle I have conducted a fresh analysis based on a plausible phenomenon in action that a plane in flight would be subject to dam surges from the moment of take off to its landing. This is the same assumption made for my nuclear reactor analysis, the Himalayan tunnel risk analysis and other risk analysis involving structures of modern civilization in general. 
On this basis, the moment the EgyptAir A 320 Airbus MS 804 took to the skies at 2100 hrs on 18 May 2016,  a log of the earthquakes from USGS and EMSC was prepared from which the corresponding dam content changes summed up worldwide was computed and for each of these dam content changes, the force applied on the plane was calculated and the acceleration to which it was subjected by this force was determined. The plane systems log showed abnormalities from 00:26 UTC onwards after a series of earthquakes commencing with the peak vertically downward acceleration at 2016-05-18T23:35:15.580Z of 21235.53g(4.9 MM quake) and other such acceleration hits at 2016-05-19T:00:07:27.050Z of 2754g(4.1 MM quake), at 2016-05-19T00:15:12.540Z of 14.79g(2.88 MM quake),at 2016-05-19T00:18:04Z of 53.46g(3.1 MM quake), at 2016-05-19T00:19:01.110Z of 0.73g(2.01 MM quake), at 2016-05-19T00:25:58Z of 0.15g(1.5 MM quake), at 2016-05-19T00:33:20Z of 50.63g(3.1 MM quake) and at 2016-05-19T00:41:09Z of 2.41.09g(2.2 MM quake). See Figure MS804Accln:

Also see


This separate part analysis as if the plane will not be affected by the forces applied by other parts of modern civilization(mc) is the specialist blunder that is leading to all the whole plane misses these days: AF 447(Air France Airbus A 330 on 1 June 2009, years later black boxes were found and some analysis of the crash done), MH 370- Malaysian Airliner lost without a trace in 2014) and now EgyptAir Flt MS 804. The anonymity of the wreckage location within the sea is a reflection of mc's limitations felt increasingly more frequently as the number of dams increase in meeting water needs though glaring lacuna exist in their designs. These dams of the world are together taking part in inflicting crippling blows through dam surges whose forces are billions of times the thrust developed by the aircraft's engines. Thus the design envelopes of these aircraft are easily violated instantly by such external forces to result in tragic carnage irreversible. Those rooted in modern civilization think the separate parts of mc are good enough for meeting the various demands of civilization. The result is there for all to see: Fukushima, the extinction breeder has destroyed the Pacific Ocean and the world by radionuclide contamination( the dams created the 9 MM magnitude earthquake to cause this), the landslides tearing down the Himalayas, the Tamilnadu and Sri Lanka floods, the sudden disappearing of aircraft....
See the forces involved in the crippling blows given by parts of mc on itself at:
Dam Surge overcame the EgyptAir Flt MS804 as with many other Flights. 
1. At the time of loss of signal from the aircraft A320 of EgyptAir Flt MS804, 00:30 to 00:45 UTC, on the flight path location at 37.6, 26.95, Dodecanese Islands, Greece(Figure 1), an earthquake occurred caused by a world dam downward surge of 10Exp15 Newtons(10^15 N) with a 1.23 millisecond power of 320 million terawatts. This surge sucked the plane with a downward vortex force which was 10 billion times the engine thrust of A320 airplane. The experienced acceleration was 1.5 billion times that due to gravity! Thus the plane was overcome by a beyond design basis force of the dam surge and crashed vertically down(Table 1). 


There was a radar signal 2 hrs after the plane signal was lost. The plane signal was lost at 00:41:10 hrs when the Dodecanese Island damquake occurred. Two hours later another signal- emergency received at radar that is at 02: 42 when the second damquake occurred at Dodecanese Islands. This data is recorded considering the uncertainty of the cause of the crash of those rooted in modern civilization:

1.1  New leaked Data to Aviation Herald

From this data we see that the first trouble was at 00:26 UTC on 19 May 2016!
There was indeed an earthquake at this time:

Let me elaborate:
My study empirically and scientifically shows as with many preceding dam related events the following facts:
00:26 UTC  anti ice R window appeared two seconds after an earthquake in Alaska AND subsequent messages. An energy surge wave of 3.955x10EXP17 Joules hit the plane to suck it downward with a force of 10EXP15 Newtons causing the plane to accelerate down at 1.5 billion times the acceleration due to gravity. The dam surge wave appeared at the plane location after it hit the earthquake location. It is not necessary that all energy is released at the earthquake location. Only that a part of the energy of the surge wave is converted to appear as an earthquake of 1.6 MM at Alaska. Because of the dynamics, the full magnitude of the archimedean lever effect of the dam content change(sum of all such changes of all the lakes in the world) surge wave appeared at the plane location, the disappearance took place. This analysis is done in full faith and applying the precautionary principle because of the uncertainties involved regarding the effects of the separate parts of modern civilization on each other. Refer to my reference 3.2.

Then the World's Dam Dynamics ensured that the giant dam surge whose details are in Table 1 caused the repeated heinous act of modern civilization to destroy the plane and kill all its passengers and crew, like it happened with Air France AF447- also an Airbus:


A severe thunderstorm together with two earthquakes caused by the world's dams caused the AF 447 flight to be hit by a dam surge at 01: 57 UTC on 1 June 2009 and it crashed at 02:13 hrs UTC at location 3.5, -30.5.
The Table 1a below shows the data for the crash:

The downward acceleration was about 3.5 billion times that due to gravity!

2.1 COMPARISON WITH MH 370 Disappearance Data. See Table 4:

2.2  Comments at Aviation Herald:
No military training potshot at AF 447 or MH370!
By goldenfig on Saturday, May 28th 2016 05:44Z
Yes, congrats to the all persevering French for finding the black boxes and analysing the cause of the Flt AF 447.
Apply the precautionary principle and analyse the following:
Notice one thing? All of them occurred during the graveyard shift.All of them occurred during the dry season of the monsoon- the most powerful one that occurs over India during the hydro cycle June to May. All of them occurred while flying high over the seas. See my comparison of the three flights about the world's dam surges hitting all these planes and sucking them to hit the sea at a billion times the engine thrust or a billion times or more of the acceleration due to gravity at
PERFECT DESIGNS: Dam Surge overcame the EgyptAir Flt MS804 as with many other Flights. 

An hour later or so was this reaction at Aviation Herald confirming my worst fears about modern civilization and its limited knowledge base:
By Chris R on Saturday, May 28th 2016 07:00Z
Graveyard Shift? Dam Surge? What on earth is that?
Have we lost Goldenfig or is there something real about his claims.
Just asking not feeding!

And then more:
By griebels on Monday, May 30th 2016 21:09Z
Dear goldenfig,

Could you please explain how all those "dam surges" combined over the world can "magically" combine their forces into one particular spot on this world and how this spot is chosen?

Also, I guess an "energy surge wave" of 3.955e17 Joules would still be about twice as much energy being released than the Tsar Bomba, the biggest nuclear device ever being tested. I'm pretty sure someone would have noticed such an "energy surge wave" event.

Re: Dams and their surges
By goldenfig on Tuesday, May 31st 2016 04:36Z
@ griebels on Monday, May 30th 2016 21:09Z
Its dynamics and statics applied to the whole earth that combines the weights of all waters behind dams to act at their centre of gravity, measured as the average deviation of all the earthquakes in the article cited. For surge wave magnitude see by google search: The nuclear effect in causing earthquakes. Dams caused the Fukushima catastrophe in a second or less by breaking all the cooling pipes(understood by Germany which stopped nukes there). 
Re: Dams and their surges
By griebels on Tuesday, May 31st 2016 06:16Z

Sorry, you're not making any sense at all.

You neither explain how a dam can create a "surge wave" and what such "surge wave" actually is, nor do you explain how such surge waves propagate in such ways that it focuses all the purposed energy in one spot, so it brings down one plane, but leaves all the others unaffected.

You also fail to explain how some earthquake in Alaska can propagate its potential energy around the globe in two minutes time. Even tsunami shock waves in water, a far denser medium than air, don't travel with this kind of velocity.

Also, you fail to explain how a concentrated energy release of almost double the biggest nuke ever to have been tested would go completely unnoticed.

You also fail to explain how such a concentrated energy release doesn't obliterate the plane instantly, as it seemingly had a few minutes left to send ACARS messages.

I'm afraid your "science" is broken.
Re: Dams and their surges
By goldenfig on Tuesday, May 31st 2016 07:19Z
@ griebels on Tuesday, May 31st 2016 06:16Z
It is obvious that the whole dam phenomenon is news! One cannot expound it in a comments space except to give references (and references therein) which you have not read like Love and Rayleigh waves! Do some fundamental studies on earthquake causation! Dont pl jump to conclusions based on burdens of songs unstated in a comment column. Read the whole exposition and take time to understand how the total dam forces at any instant change with water needs and exert such enormous blows lasting miliseconds to seconds. Water moments exerted by the total dam content changes of the world at any instant are distributed over many fractures but at the instant of an earthquake the whole moment is felt at the focal point! But immediately thereafter the dynamics change into surge waves, hitting another fortuitous location like the plane and then running away!

By minuano on Tuesday, May 31st 2016 08:02Z
..and this surge wave has only grounded that particular plane ?
My comment
 @ minuano on Tuesday, May 31st 2016 08:02Z

The surge wave vanished from that plane location or neighbourhood(of EgyptAir Flt MS804). Note that the dam content change of billions of cubic meters acting at the centre of gravity of the water masses behind the dams was simultaneously distributing the water moment among various points on the earth(!) and succeeded in causing the following dam related events in the window 00:26:01+ to 00:41z(earthquakes)

2016-05-19T00:30:19.510Z 34.22617 -117.517 8.23 0.97 ml 24 92 0.0232 0.13 ci ci37570496 2016-05-19T00:47:01.022Z 4km SSW of Lytle Creek, CA earthquake
2016-05-19T00:31:28.910Z 37.03383 -121.488 7.5 0.95 md 19 52 0.06938 0.06 nc nc72637435 2016-05-19T03:01:03.614Z 7km ENE of Gilroy, California earthquake
2016-05-19T00:32:12.000Z 60.4879 -151.981 85.7 1.5 ml

0.34 ak ak13592741 2016-05-27T01:11:28.795Z 38km WNW of Kalifornsky, Alaska earthquake
19-05-2016 00:33 41.91 N   20.99 E   5 3.1  FYR OF MACEDONIA

2016-05-19T00:37:08.520Z 34.46733 -117.071 1.31 1.8 ml 75 39 0.08862 0.15 ci ci37570504 2016-05-19T00:59:59.925Z 10km WNW of Lucerne Valley, CA earthquake
2016-05-19T00:40:38.310Z 33.88633 -116.847 14.89 1.22 ml 37 69 0.06705 0.11 ci ci37570512 2016-05-19T01:04:12.097Z 5km SSE of Banning, CA earthquake
19-05-2016 00:41 37.6 N   26.95 E   5 2.2  DODECANESE ISLANDS, GREECE

Note this:" the transponder signals of the aircraft ceased at 02:33L (00:33Z)"
There was an earthquake at this time in FYR Macedonia as per EMSC output! See bold log above.
And note this also: "according to primary radar data provided by Greece's Ministry of Defense the aircraft tracked on its course 
at FL370 until 00:37Z...   "
This is a more chilling way to put it:
"Greece's Minister of Defense reported: "What we know for now from the air image of the National Operational Centre 
is that at 03:37L (00:37Z) the aircraft located 10-15 miles off the borders within the Egyptian air space, in Cairo FIR, 
at a height of 37,000 feet, took a turn of 90o to the left and then a 360o turn to the right falling from 37,000 feet to 15,000 feet. 
The image that we had was lost when it reached about 10,000 feet."
There was an earthquake at 00:37:08.520Z! See log in red above.
So Table 1 holds with all its ferocity from 00:37:08.52Z onward.
Whole earth epidemiological evidence! 
Belief in the strength of a law increases with each successful application of it.
Of course the dam surges continue with their earthquakes and climate change as ordered by self destructive modern civilization's designs.  

2.3 The design basis of modern civilization is falsehood and must be replaced by one based on truth(Normal Civilization):
The falsehood: To see the separate existences apart and seeing them apart to hold that to be true. The consequence of this way can be seen at Ref 3.2.
True knowledge: To see one changeless life in all the lives, IN THE SEPARATE THE ONE INSEPARABLE. This is the basis of perfect design.  This will thus lead to a design infinitely superior to dams eliminating the cause: See Ref 3.3.
For a new approach to the risk posed by dams on infrastructure see for example

3. For details of data on other flight disasters and the cause see
3.1 Collaterals of Climate Change/Ramaswami Ashok Kumar at 
3.2 PREDICTING EARTHQUAKES: The science of dams causing earthquakes and climate change at 
3.3 Collaterals of climate change: THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX: TREES FOR DAMS at 


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