Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Sun the perfect example of fusion. Lets manage energy with that.

Its not Copernicus that dislodged Earth from the Center of the Universe. See:"..The sun never sets or rises.When people think the sun is setting it is not so;they are mistaken.For after having arrived at the end of the day,it produces two opposite effects,making night to what is below,and day to what is on the other side.."-2000 BC. Aitareya Brahmanam,book iii.,c.v.,44.Quoted in Isis Unveiled,Vol I,Science,by H.P.Blavatsky,1877,Photo Edition,The Theosophy Co.,Los Angeles,California,1931.
Yes,modern civilization is corrupt,built on imperfect knowledge: seeing the separate existences apart,holding that for the truth. Normal civilization is based on true knowledge:To see one changeless life in all the lives,in the separate,the inseparable.Tearing itself away in arrogance,the modern says what the human being alone does matters.So using corrupt ways it tries to replicate the sun on earth.How vainglorious!And is far from perfect unlike the perfect sun safe from the earth 150 million kilometers away:Life at zero cost!Om! 

Trees on the planet get their energy from the sun and are in harmony with the universe. They are infinitely superior to dams! See

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