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Transcending all is the Unknowable
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Human error at 1)Kyshtym September 29 1957,2)Windscale October 7, 1957, 3) Cold War(1945 to 1990) radioactive releases and kills millions of infants after progressive deterioration of genomes by atmospheric tests(see synchrony in infant deaths,global and in India at The Unacceptable Dangers of nuclear Energy at http://deathdealersnukes.blogspot.in/2008/01/unacceptable-dangers-of-nuclear-energy.html),4) well err allowing atoms for peace when energy audit of nukes shows that for decades not a single unit of electricity was delivered to society outside the nuclear industry(1956-1996,all nuclear energy programmes), 5)even now disregarding ECRR 2010 safety regulations in favour of the ICRP witchcraft, 6)ignoring the graphic scientific works on bird mutations after Chernobyl and Fukushima(see enenews reports),7) ignoring the cumulative effects of the world's dams in causing, by a nuclear effect, nuclear catastrophes like Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, Narora,Fukushima,the Louisiana Sinkhole disaster, WIPP mystery, the Kedarnath floods, and 8)even climate change by dams, 9) ignoring the false premises on which modern civilization stands and is daily causing its self destruction, and 10) ignoring true knowledge in favor of imperfect knowledge and thus causing glaring lacunae in meeting the needs of civilization and of greed, HUMAN ERRORS!
The principle of perfect design: Transcending all is the Unknowable. Thus be content with living in harmony with nature.

And see a consequence of human error at WIPP:
"Millions of Disintegrations Per Minute per square centimeter"
From Potrblog:
"Last night a Twitter user https://twitter.com/PairofDeuces contacted us with information that a sample radioactive swipe taken at DOE's Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in New Mexico returned a Plutonium reading in excess of Millions of Disintegrations Per Minute per square centimeter.
"Such a reading would indicate that Plutonium was spread over the DOE site at a concentration very roughly around 1 gram per square meter. Given that the Plutonium would have had to come from an exhaust vent at the site, the airborne PLUTONIUM concentrations leading to such a surface level deposition must have been MUCH greater. Readings at that level would also imply an underground fire and/or explosion."
PhilipUpNorth (with a bow to Sheldon's Green Lantern):
When will the puny human race learn:
You can MAKE plutonium,
but you can
Still in love with your bad self, Nuclear Industry? ;)

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