Monday, August 6, 2018

The British Greens and the unvedantic and sickly support to Khalistan

What did the Greens do regarding the tragic cancer epidemics raging in Punjab and in Thoothukudi for the past decades? We have our thanks to the European Committee on Radiation Risk to highlight the infinite Biological effectiveness of uranium in the copper concentrates and in phosphate fertilizer. The utterly unvedantic episodes are never to be repeated in the world. The sickly demonstrations are best converted to one against the irreversible crimes of modern civilization:
The specialist approaches to meet our needs is suicidal. Indeed as Shri Shankar Sharma points out repeatedly Thoothukudi shutdown matters little and our needs must be optimised to avoid such huge copper consumption for meeting our energy needs. Modi govt and the states will  do well to ruminate over the Sharma essay and kick start Niti Aayog to implement the recommendation in it's entirety and avoid more Thoothukudis while giving due reparations to the Thoothukudi living beings and others similarly affected by modern civilization:

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