Monday, July 30, 2018

Karma for India: damless and full of all life


It is clear that the society of specialists worldwide has failed and will fail in any new situation. See they boast they are mighty. But what is the ground reality? They are unable to cope with fires,floods,nuke occurrences,they have to live with nuclear wastes,air pollution,the unacceptable worldwide dam Dynamics,ocean omnicide,cancer epidemics,wars. It is a perennial set of insoluble problems,and leading to extinction. The specialists are unable to bother about the consequences of false knowledge driving them to doom taking all life with them.
Taking the average normal southwest India  monsoon is 899 mm and a dry biomass density of 65 tons/ha we shall illustrate the average scenario. The plant transpires its own dry biomass of water in a day. At 65 t/ha it is 65 m3 per 10000 m2/day. In a year, the transpiration will be 65x365 m3/ha= 23725 m3/ha. The normal southwest monsoon rainfall is about 10000 m3/ha. Thus by judicious ecological reforestation we can recharge groundwaters while keeping lakes which are natural full of water and life. River murders can be phased out by phasing out dams on a war footing.Bonus is fish and dolphins and birds and all life will lead a life full of karma causing the genesis and support of beings.
1.Dams cause nuclear reactors to melt
2. Dams cause airplanes to crash and how the Mystery of the MH 370 disappearance was solved

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