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Are the structures of modern civilization vulnerable to the cumulative effects of dams of the world?

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Update time = Thu May 31 9:11:57 UTC 2012

Newsreport: http://ibnlive.in.com/news/up-5-bogies-of-doon-express-get-derailed/263285-3.html
Earthquakes at the time of the Doon Express(13009) Accident near Jaunpur,UP at Mani Halt at 700-800 hrs UTC on May 31, 2012. The magistrate said the time of the accident was 1313 hrs IST. 5 people dead.
As the surges of the dams of the world were adjusting the dynamics from the earthquake at Taiwan to the quake in northern Italy, the Doon Express traveling from Howrah to Dehra Doon jumped the rails(5 bogies derailed) at Mani Halt near Jaunpur, U.P. 
Location of Mani Halt: 25.4527, 83.7770.
Location of Jaunpur: 25.7490, 82.6987.
Related Locations:
South Island, New Zealand: Longitude: 90+83=173.

2012-05-31   08:00:12.01hr 11min ago44.90 N  11.09 E  53.0 NORTHERN ITALY

2012-05-31   06:58:18.72hr 12min ago24.43 N  121.49 E  183.8 TAIWAN

Hotspots at the time:
Total number of fires detected : 8
 23.544  81.132    2012-05-31    05:05    337.5   88    1.3  1.1    T    5.0    316.2    26.7 
 23.678  82.143    2012-05-31    05:05    332.3   85    1.1  1.1    T    5.0    318.0    11.1 
 24.536  79.542    2012-05-31    05:05    335.0   87    1.6  1.3    T    5.0    315.3    26.8 
 24.598  80.755    2012-05-31    05:05    341.9   91    1.4  1.2    T    5.0    319.2    34.5 
 24.947  80.978    2012-05-31    05:05    335.4   87    1.3  1.1    T    5.0    318.8    18.5

Re: The Deccan Herald,

24 killed as Hampi Express rams into goods train in AP

Penukonda (AP), May 22, 2012, (PTI)
24 people were killed, at least 16 of them charred to death, and over 40 others injured when the driver of the Bangalore-bound Hampi Express apparently overshot the signal and rammed into the rear of a stationary goods train in Anantapur district in the wee hours today.

The impact of the collision that took place at 3:15 AM at Penukonda Railway Station in Andhra Pradesh was such that four bogies of the express train derailed and one of them caught fire.
The frequency of such accidents in the one mode affordable with ease by the Indian public raises a lot of issues which must be handled immediately. All issues must be simultaneously and deeply studied. You must deeply ponder the statement made by the sage and father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi(1908): Given enough time modern civilization(mc) will destroy itself. Given his background in the way of living practised successfully for millennia by India, he was able to grasp the cumulative effects of the Western Specialist based society admirably. Studies reveal that the cumulative effects of dams on the structures of mc like the railway tracks,bridges, flyovers, nuclear reactors including dams themselves may result in utter destruction of life and property beyond the design basis envelope. There are too many accidents of late to discount this possibility after all other causes have been enumerated as posible and corrected for.In our land of plenty I would request the best brains to put their heads together to make railway travel acceptably safe. The question is: Has enough money been put into this compared with that sunk in nuclear power programmes which after all deliver no energy to society beyond that consumed by the nuclear industry itself?

See accident data at http://predictingquakes.blogspot.in at the Update for May 22, 2012.

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