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This is a very relevant and crucial information on the Fukushima
Disaster. Reading between the design wall height 5m and the water wall
height 15m shows the profiteering attitude of modern civilisation. They
knew this would be the height to which they had to ensure safety for and
none concerned and IAEA glaringly acted upon it. Now they are raising
the limits for radiation safety limits high! India with its hoary
background of the Mahabharata must see the writing on the wall stated
succinctly in the timeless message of the Gita: There is true knowledge,
learn thou it is this: To see one changeless life in all the lives, in
the separate the one inseparable(the principle of perfect design). There
is imperfect knowledge: To see the separate existences apart and to hold
it to be true(modern civilisation); there is false knowledge: To cling
to one as if it were all(like going ahead with nuclear power which
demands infallibility or dams to meet water needs) heedless of the
consequences, heedless of the harm, narrow dull and dark. Man cannot
envisage all the critical accidents in nuclear power programmes, nor the
cumulative effects of the nuclear programme or of the dams or even of
modern civilisation. This is because everything in nature is
interconnected rigidly and hence inseparable(the true knowledge). If
man designed for a set of eventualities, there will always be another set
which will contain elements from the design sets and nature
to give a more dangerous situation! Whole earth will become uninhabitable.
Go normal,stop nuclear, the world over,now. This is what results
when we include nature in man-made designs. Dont exceed the limits
set by the Unknowable and thus land in the need to know the Unknowable
when you attempt to design around it!
To get an insight into the health effects during normal operations of nuclear reactors and the fuel cycle read
How about Chernobyl?
Immediately after the 26th April 1986 giant explosion of the Number 4 reactor radioactivity spewed forth high into the atmosphere and contaminated the planet.
A 30 km radius evacuation zone saw the death dealing ghost area come into being, full of radioactive vegetation,soil,animals and cities. If the area of 2800 square kilometers were instead a thick forest of sufficient dry biomass density it would have a power flow of 2800 GW(gigawatts) through it giving forest produce for all, including human beings-produce which includes drinking water for all time! Instead it is generating 3 GW by default! And is desolate and strictly uninhabitable. We see from this analytics that it was poverty even at the height of Chernobyl's pride! Just 4 GW for 30 km radius show! And do not forget its normal operations as analysed in the URL above. And the use of these gigawatts at 1 or 2 percent efficiency of real end use! And just come to think of the fact that nuclear programmes are only for the nuclear industry! See
But Chernobyl cannot be afforded even once if we are to go by facts: Belarus is heavily contaminated: 211000 square kilometers or if we had forests on Belarus and no nukes at Chernobyl we could have had a gigantic amount of power of 211000 GW flowing through them and what a wonder it would have been forever. By contrast in India we have a total installed generating capacity of three orders of magnitude less than a realistically completely forested Belarus as of 31 March 2011!
Come 11th march 2011 and then the Fukushima blasts and a 20 km radius uninhabitable area around it:
But see:
The story repeats:
Mother Earth
Today(25 April 2011) we who think for the good of all life will change over to a way of life with an ultimate goal which is thrifty and wasteless.
But now Fukushima also gives a glaring example of how unwise it is not to reforest the earth(using fusion of the sun situated safely 150 million kilometers from the earth) ecologically as the above URLs highlight. On April 22 2011: Japan has declared a 20 km radius around the Fukushima plant as an uninhabitable zone(strictly for human beings only). This means an area of at least 1200 km^2 which could have become a beautiful gravity defying forest with a dry biomass density sufficient to cause a power flow through the vegetation of 1200 gigawatts(GW) has been replaced by a big big, zero power, death dealing radiation zone- replacing forever the 4.696 GW nuclear park! With modern civilisation going blindly ahead with nukes, we have the devastation of the world on our involuntary hands. As this URL glaringly brings out we are heading for several Chernobyls perhaps every year or two:
Think reforestation by preservation of the existing forests and protecting them:
And about prevention of more Chernobyls by changing lifestyles:
But greed and accompanying evil murderous behaviour must change over to being good by upholding truth and the goal of harmony with nature.
The corruption: An example:
You may replace the number after the 'pagewanted= to 1 to 4 to view the article!
Come Chernobyl and they hid the truth regarding its ill effects on all life which is still increasing.
for the effects on India alone regarding infant mortality a la Chernobyl and the nuclear era.
Whats in store after Fukushima?
The same blackening out of data as happened with Chernobyl so the nukes can go on is happening post Fukushima.
Nuclear power can never be made safe. See
But see what the authorities are hell bent on:
I have the following explanation for Fukushima and therefore for those to follow:
See first
Not one of these articles appearing here or elsewhere speaks of the novel finding of mine of the root cause of the earthquakes which resulted in Fukushima and in the 7th April 7.1 MM magnitude jolt off Honshu's East Coast the Onagawa reactor spill out from the spent fuel pools. Because it is a specialist society which cannot see beyond the specialisations. Look folks look. These have been caused by dams. Look at my URLs one cited by clicking on my name and all the others cited therein:
If you can review them for the sake of humanity and tell why after each jolt that the earth receives in the form of a giant sledgehammer shock of an insult Mother Earth responds by a major or a great earth quake after due reaction time which may indeed be just hours as it happened on the 7th of April 2011. Look at my data and see the scientifically plausible connection between the quakes and the dams. On 24th 25 September 2010 from data available on the net officially, more than plus or minus 60 billion cubic meters(BCM) of reservoir content change occurred in just 30 dams in India. On March 11 2011 the 9 MM quake occurred.
On 7th April more than 100 BCM of reservoir content change occurred in the same 30 dams and you had the 7.1 MM jolt! In my URL I commented on this huge surge and its implications for a major or great quake in the coming weeks after April 7 2011, in utter horror.See the science behind these contentions, stop the serendipity and act to go normal or else! Modern civilisation by its very definition is corrupt to the core. By breakfast time half the core had melted at Three Mile Island from 428 AM on March 28 1979. What did happen in Fukushima? The core has gone through the pressure vessel. Surmise, just surmise. Stop modern civilisation in its tracks before it continues and proceed on a normal path.
There is true knowledge learn thou it is this: To see one changeless life in all the lives, in the separate the one inseparable. This is the motto of normality. There is imperfect knowledge: To see the separate existences apart and seeing them apart, holding that for true(modern civilisation). There is false knowledge: To cling to one as it it were all(Tectonic Theory), heedless of the consequences, narrow dull and dark. See that there is a giant impressed force exerted by the world's dams taken together, every second to meet water greeds. This is resulting in giant responses with due reaction time by dear Mother Earth. Heed! Despecialise your visions. See
Hazare in India is fighting a people's war against corruption-read modern civilisation. He is fighting as all of us like minded people to go over to normality. There is no choice. Act now.

Thank you Mother Earth for a many splendoured life - what a planet are you! Lets go normal.

R. Ashok Kumar,B.E.,M.E(Power),Negentropist, 299, Tardeo Road,
Nana Chowk, Mumbai-400007.
© 2011 Ramaswami Ashok Kumar

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